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Cars Auto Electrical Specialist Newcastle Upon Tyne

main control unit

Newcastle Upon Tyne repair of Cars auto electrics and specialising in:-

  • Cars Air Conditioning Repairs
  • Cars Fault Diagnosis
  • Cars Airbags
  • Cars Reversing Sensors
  • Cars Instrument Panels
  • Cars CPU
  • Cars Seat Adjustments
  • Cars Mirror Adjustments
  • Cars Auto Control Module
  • Cars Parking Sensors
  • Cars Power Train Control Module
  • Cars Climate Control
  • Cars Engine Management
  • Cars Canbus Systems

Electrical repairs to most makes of cars:-

Alfa Romeo Electrics
Aston Martin
Audi Electrics
Austin Electrics
Bentley Electrics
BMW Electrics
Bugatti Electrics
Buick Electrics
Chevrolet Electrics
Chrysler Electrics
Citroën Electrics
Daewoo Electrics
DAF Electrics
Daihatsu Electrics
Daimler Electrics
Ferrari Electrics
Fiat Electrics
Ford Electrics
Hyundai Electrics
Isuzu Electrics
Jaguar Electrics

Jeep Electrics
Kia Electrics
Lada Electrics
Lamborghini Electrics
Lancia Electrics
Land Rover Electrics
Lexus Electrics
Lotus Electrics
Mazda Electrics
McLaren Electrics
Mercedes-Benz Electrics
MG Electrics
Mini Electrics
Mitsubishi Electrics
Morgan Electrics
Morris Electrics
Nissan Electrics
Opel Electrics
Peugeot Electrics
Porsche Electrics
Proton Electrics

Puma Electrics
Reliant Electrics
Renault Electrics
Rover Electrics
Saab Electrics
Seat Electrics
Skoda Electrics
Smart Electrics
SsangYong Electrics
Subaru Electrics
Suzuki Electrics
Talbot Electrics
Toyota Electrics
Triumph Electrics
TVR Electrics
Vauxhall Electrics
Volkswagen Electrics
Volvo Electrics
Yugo Electrics

Kit Cars - Electrics Finishing

Designing and building unique wiring harnesses.
Specialist in manufacturing and fitting custom wiring harnesses for kit cars.

Wiring, Fuses and Connectors
Relays and Switches
Computers and Sensors
Code Fault Diagnosis
Air Bags

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