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Air Bags:- Parts

An air bag is composed of 3 main parts:

  • The air-bag normally made of a thin nylon fabric
  • The impact sensor that tells the bag to inflate.
  • The inflater - An explosive device generating Nitrogen Gas

Air Bags:- Function

During a crash or vehicle impact there is a sudden change in momentum. This change triggers a mechanical switch or accelerometer that closes an electrical contact and tells the sensors that a crash has occurred.

The sensors immediately analyse information from the accelerometer built into a microchip and ultimately trigger an explosive device that reacts sodium azide (NaN3) with potassium nitrate (KNO3) to release hot Nitrogen gas that inflates the airbag folded into the steering wheel or dashboard.
This all happens in 0.04 seconds.
Recently other side impact bags have been fitted to the car seat or door.

Air Bags:- Risk

If the driver or passenger is sitting too close to the airbag say within 2 to 3 inches then the force of an air bag inflating can cause serious injury. Remember its main purpose during a crash is to slow you down gradually to help protect you from serious injury and this is most likely to occur as you hit the stearing wheel or dashboard.
Placing yourself 10 inches (25 cm) from your air bag gives you a greater margin of safety.
Measure the distance from the center of the steering wheel to your breastbone. If you currently sit less than 10 inches away, you should adjust your seat if at all possible.

We replace and check airbags fitted to most makes of cars.

Newcastle Upon Tyne repair of all types of auto electrics and specialising in:-

  • Reversing Sensors
  • Vehicle Instrument Panels
  • CPU
  • Seat Adjustments
  • Mirror Adjustments
  • Auto Control Module
  • Parking Sensors
  • Power Train Control Module
  • Climate Control
  • Engine Management
  • Canbus Systems

Air Bags Serviced and fitted to most makes of cars:-

Alfa Romeo Air Bags
Aston Martin Air Bags
Audi Air Bags
Austin Air Bags
Bentley Air Bags
BMW Air Bags
Bugatti Air Bags
Buick Air Bags
Chevrolet Air Bags
Chrysler Air Bags
Citroën Air Bags
Daewoo Air Bags
DAF Air Bags
Daihatsu Air Bags
Daimler Air Bags
Ferrari Air Bags
Fiat Air Bags
Ford Air Bags
Hyundai Air Bags
Isuzu Air Bags
Jaguar Air Bags

Jeep Air Bags
Kia Air Bags
Lamborghini Air Bags
Lancia Air Bags
Land Rover Air Bags
Lexus Air Bags
Lotus Air Bags
Mazda Air Bags
McLaren Air Bags
Mercedes-Benz Air Bags
MG Air Bags
Mini Air Bags
Mitsubishi Air Bags
Morgan Air Bags
Morris Air Bags
Nissan Air Bags
Opel Air Bags
Peugeot Air Bags
Porsche Air Bags
Proton Air Bags

Puma Air Bags
Reliant Air Bags
Renault Air Bags
Rover Air Bags
Saab Air Bags
Seat Air Bags
Skoda Air Bags
Smart Air Bags
SsangYong Air Bags
Subaru Air Bags
Suzuki Air Bags
Talbot Air Bags
Toyota Air Bags
Triumph Air Bags
TVR Air Bags
Vauxhall Air Bags
Volkswagen Air Bags
Volvo Air Bags
Yugo Air Bags

Kit Cars - Electrics Finishing

Designing and building unique wiring harnesses.
Specialist in manufacturing and fitting custom wiring harnesses for kit cars.

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